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The SidekickVSC-2 relates to hauling materials (generally for the home use or similar needs) and, more particularly, to equipment used to attach to the side of a vehicle for hauling long materials such as board, lumber, rods, PVC pipe or similar long products that will not fit inside a vehicle.

The SidekickVSC-2 consists of 2 units in an “H” style and has 5 protection pads that are placed against the outside card doors (front & rear).

Each unit is secured to the vehicle doors by e straps with locking adjustable buckles. Each has a car door threshold stop and when installed will secure the unit to the door.

The advantage of the SidekickVSC-2 over the SidekickVSC-1 is as follows:

  1. Where SidekickVSC-1 needs to have the vehicle windows open, SidekickVSC-2 requires the windows to be up.
  2. The SidekickVSC-2 is a beefed-up design which is stronger and will carry a larger payload.
  3. The SidekickVSC-2 has 5 door protectors where as the SidekickVSC-1 has only one
  4. In general, the SidekickVSC-2 is stronger giving the payload more stability.
  5. The SidekickVSC-2has the ability to receive other attachments, as the ladder attachments.

Both SidekickVSC-1 and SidekickVSC-2 require Hood/Trunk tie downs for longer material and can be purchased.

Sidekick VSC Ladder attachment

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