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Description and Attributes

Technical Field

The SidekickVSC-1 relates to hauling materials (generally for the home use or similar needs) and, more particularly, to equipment used to attach to the side of a vehicle for hauling long materials such as board, lumber, rods, PVC pipe or similar long products that will not fit inside a vehicle.

Background of the SidekickVSC-1

SidekickVSC-1 Consist of two sets of adjustable side carriers which can easily hang from the front and rear doors or passenger side window openings of vehicle.

With the windows open, the SidekickVSC will hang and adjust to size and placement of door and is held in place by a strap that goes from the outside of door threshold, with door closed, has an attached stop and hooks to the adjustable arm of the unit inside of the car.

The SidekickVSC-1 front unit is shorter than the rear, this allows for the material being carried to angle up and not interfering with the front wheel when car is in motion and turning.

The SidekickVSC-1 has an adjustable arm, with locking pin, to allow for the width of the door window opening.

There is a pad on the outside vertical shaft for door finish protection and two tube pads on the inside for protection.

Two bungee cords are provided for materials to be secure. Along with two eye bolts for locking the disassembled unites together for installation and securing load.

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