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Recognizing Our Customers

We are committed to serving our customer the best we can to create satisfaction and loyalty. As a company and individuals, we commit to bringing you a unique, high quality product that is backed by our reputation. If you have any questions through the assembly process, or after purchasing the product, don't hesitate to reach out! We have time-tested this product and know all the ins and outs of using it in conjunction with a variety of vehicles and situations.


"Finally I don't have to rent a truck or borrow my neighbor's pickup truck! Now when I go to my building and home supply store and buy something oversized, like PVC pipe or lumber, I simply attach the Sidekick VSC and I\m on my way home in minutes!"

"I used to carry lumber on top of the roof of my car with tie downs. Once I had to hit the brakes and the load shifted which damaged the finish of my car. Now I use the Sidekick VSC and have the peace of mind that I am safe and the load is secure for the drive home."


"Transport your oversized items, no matter the size of your car, with the help of The Sidekick Vehicle Side Carrier." Kevin Harrington - An original "Shark" from the TV Show "Shark Tank."


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