Car Brackets in Blairsville

Looking for a solution that allows you to carry oversized and heavy objects with your car? Then look no further—Sidekick VSC's car brackets are worth your consideration.

Our car brackets are an incredible addition to your vehicle, especially if you often need to transport large items with your car. Our car brackets are an ideal solution because they are easy to install, lightweight, easily removable, and have a very high capacity for weight without damaging your vehicle.

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Easy Install Car Brackets

When you receive your Sidekick VSC or Sidekick VSC 2, it will have arrived disassembled for shipping, but it is easy to put together and comes with simple instructions. Should you lose yours, don't worry! You can also find a copy on our website, just click here. Assembly takes 5-10 minutes, and once it is assembled, you won't need to take it apart. You stow it away as is. Car bracket installation has never been easier!

Carry Heavy or Long Objects with Car Brackets

Essentially, the Sidekick VSC and Sidekick VSC 2 are arms that hang off the side of your vehicle. They attach to the windows on the side of the car and hang out, each arm in a ‘J' position. Once the arms are secured, you can lay your long items across and drive away safely.

The Sidekick VSC hangs off the side of the vehicle and presses against the side panel, so it does not move but fear not – all points of contact on the Sidekick VSC are padded and will not damage the paint on your vehicle or dent it.

The Sidekick VSC and Sidekick VSC 2 are the perfect car bracket attachment for carrying:

  • Wood
  • Piping
  • PVC
  • Re-bar
  • Fencing
  • Long Tools and equipment
  • And much more

If you want to learn more about our incredible car bracket attachment, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our Sidekicks come with many different additional options that will help make your car more convenient for the job. If you want to learn more about our other attachment, call and ask. We look forward to seeing the ways that this great product makes your business work better.

Make the Wrong Vehicle the Right One.

The Sidekick VSC car bracket installation idea came out of a necessity for people to carry around oversized materials. Many people across many industries need to transport equipment, but purchasing a truck is unrealistic.

The Sidekicks have the carrying capability of transforming the carrying capacity of any car into that of a pickup. You will be able to start carrying loads of extra weight on the side of your vehicle in no time.

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